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Kwiatomat Orchidek

Kwiatomat Orchidek

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Orchidek – Flower Vending Machine means:


➔ Self-service flower shop – with bouquets and plants at different prices.

➔ Freshness standard – each bouquet, unsold within 48 hours, is removed from the machine and replaced by another one.

➔ Quality standard – we carefully select our suppliers to ensure the best quality for our customers.

➔The possibility of buying bouquets with access to water – each bouquet is equipped with a water container (later on we can either remove the container and put the bouquet into a vase or remain in the container but remember to add water).

➔ A simple, intuitive interface. English and Ukrainian language versions soon.

➔ A possibility to buy fresh flowers from … to ….

➔ The temperature in each box is adjusted to the needs of the flowers to keep them fresh.

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